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Sureflap metal door

If you find that the read range of your SureFlap is compromised by the metal present in your door. You will need to cut a larger hole in your door – leaving a gap of 2- 3cm . Before installing in a door with unknown construction please check for a metal plate in case a larger hole is require as described in the metal. Got a question about SureFlap ? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to learn more about programming your pet, installation, microchipping and more. On occasion, the metal inside a door could affect the reader, in which case we would suggest following the metal mounting instructions in our user manual, which requires an oversized .

I fitted this one into a Georgian. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Manual Online: Installation In Metal Doors. The presence of a metal plate in a door can influence the performance of the SureFlap.

I previously had magnetic ones and he struggled to operate them properly coming in, and occasionally got stuck after collecting bits of rusty . Shop with confidence on eBay! The design of the SureFlap permits for a much tighter fit on thin metal garage doors than most other cat doors. If you can only be sure of the construction of the door by drilling a hole in it, make a trial hole anywhere covered by the proposed hole for the SureFlap.

The SureFlap mounting adaptor is useful when installing SureFlap into glass, walls and in rare instances, metal doors.

It is also a neat way to cover a. I had mounted the sureFlap in a metal door and it did not always work until I installed the adapter. For metal doors you need to install the “flap” with a Cat Door Mounting Adapter ( product GMA001), because metal interferes with the RD operation. How much the metal blocks the RF depends on how much steel the door has. To install the cat door in glass, you need a SureFlap Cat Door . Hi All The back door in our fairly new house looks like painted woo but when we drilled the holes in to start making the access for the catflap it appears that the outer layer of the door is a thin skin of aluminium (sprayed white).

According to Sureflap , the functioning of this catflap may be affected by metal. Optional tunnel modules adds per module to extend to any length. While installation in a metal door should work in most cases, it may be necessary to use a slightly larger hole and optional adapter as the metal can reduce the . This SureFlap Cat Door has a central magnet, keeping the flap from swinging, which in turn gives your cat greater security.

Since the microchip is implante. This is to prevent metal from blocking radio frequencies that could stop the scanner from reading the microchip ID. I currently have the SureFlap cat door installed in my metal door and it works brilliantly! I missed the cutoff date to return the larger unit, but it is new and unused. The SureFlap Pet Door Mounting Adapter is useful when installing your pet door into glass and metal door types.

A mounting adapter is not required for wall installations, as the door has an internal screw hole for wall mounting. When mounting your pet door in a glass pane, your glazier will generally cut a circular hole, .

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