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Stavanger lysebotn ferry timetable

Til Stavanger fra Lauvvik og Lysebotn. Til Lysebotn fra Stavanger og Lauvvik. Car and passenger ferry with limited car spaces between Lysebotn – Lauvvik – Stavanger. MS Lysefjord is the ferry crossing, a combined goods transport vessel.

Minimum ground clearance for such vehicles must be at least cm. None of the ferries go to Stavanger on a Sunday, only to Lauvvik.

Sunday there is no bus from Lauvvik to Sandnes. Ferje mellom Lysebotn – Lauvvik – Stavanger. Minimum bakkeklarering for slike kjøretøy må minst være cm.

Forhåndsbestilling Fra oktober – april må . Ferry from Stavanger to Tau for onwards bus connections to Preikestolen Mountain lodge. Ferry and hike to Preikestolen(operated by Tide). Kolumbus operates scheduled express ferries.

Click here for the timetable on the route Stavanger – Lysebotn. Below, you will find links to a city map of Stavanger as well as other helpful sites.

When you get to the Stavanger Sola Airport, catch the blue and white airport bus – Flybussen . Lysebotn , Several companies operate sightseeing boats from Vågen in Stavanger , taking about 3. There is also a car ferry (capacity about cars) which takes hours each way between Stavanger and Lysebotn. I made plans to hike to Preikelstolen and Kjerag in two days, staying at Preikelstolen fjellstue on Aug and staying at Hauane BB at Lysebotn on Aug 27. One of the most famous fjords in the Stavanger region is Lysefjorden. Touristferry on the Lysefjord – NEW! Sightseeing cruise at Geirangerfjorden Geiranger-Valldal Geiranger-Hellesylt.

To buy tickets for Fjordsightseeing cruise click here . Vehicles of more than 5kg cannot be taken on board or arrive onshore in Lauvvik. Indicative Availability. Book Combi ferry Lysebotn – Lauvvik – Stavanger. We will be there in Stavanger in Mid-August and hope to take this ferry as we are leaving Stavanger.

Does anyone know where we. The Stavanger Airport Sola lies in between the two cities of Stavanger and Sandnes. All other days: go to Sandnes then Lauvvik, or Tau then Forsand. A guided tour on the tourist ferry on the km long Lysefjord is the ultimate experience of the Fjord. The trip is filled with attractions such as the Preikestolen, the.

From Ålgård you will take the road Fv until Sirdal, and then you will follow the directions towards either Lysebotn , Øygardstøl or Kjerag. You also have the option to take this ferry from Stavanger to Lysebotn on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 13:15.

The towns of Stavanger and Sandnes are only a short distance away, by road or sea. The ferry across the Høgsfjor which departs every minutes during the daytime, takes just minutes, and another minutes by car will bring you to Sandnes, minutes from Stavanger. You can see their timetable here.

The express ferry from Stavanger to Lysebotn. Hi there, I am going to hike to Kjerag this coming August. However, i have been trying hard to search for a ferry linking Stavanger (Fiskepiren) and Lysebotn from many websites, but to no avail.

The only thing i managed to find is a tour packager offerd by Tidereiser.

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