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Samsung s6 battery drain

Not sure if it matters, but mine is the gold version. Mine will drain down to in less than hours while idle. She talks all day, (no pun intended honey), and it . No saving mode is worse. The only way I can keep it reasonably charged is by setting it to maximum battery saving mode.

I turned off all background tasks, turned off wifi. Battery is draining much faster than it used to. Baseband version G920TUVU5FQG3. Have gone onto Device maintenance and selected optimize for battery, storage and . Marshmallow) and recently it began losing over half the battery life in 2-hours. Ssuper fast battery drain RESOLVED innlegg 24.

Flere resultater fra forums. Mailbag Bufret Oversett denne siden 21. Galaxy Sbattery drain. It is a departure from the usual plastic construction flagship design of the company as this model is now mainly made of glass and metal.

It is a sleek, powerful, and solid device that delivers a great user . We cover important issues that a lot of Susers encounter: battery drain and overheating. We hope that the solutions we provide. The main reason may be more complicated that any of them so you need to let Samsung or a good independent technician check the hardware for you. Second have you gone into the settings under battery to see what is draining the battery the most? Was this update from MM to . Yeah I am having some serious issues with the sbattery performance.

I am very, explicitly dissapointed in the performance of this device. These Android Lollipop tips also work with Sedge and One M9. This battery is non-removable, so the days of swapping batteries are over.

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