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Samsung galaxy s6 battery problem

My sbattery drains fast after the last update, too. I cannot find restrict background data to enable it. This used to be under Data usage and I could bring it up from the upper right hand corner drop-down menu. No saving mode is worse.

The only way I can keep it reasonably charged is by setting it to maximum battery saving mode.

I turned off all background tasks, turned off wifi. Marshmallow) and recently it began losing over half the battery life in 2-hours. Ssuper fast battery drain RESOLVED innlegg 24. Nougat Battery Drain innlegg 30. Flere resultater fra forums.

Mailbag Bufret Oversett denne siden 21. Galaxy Sbattery drain.

It is a departure from the usual plastic construction flagship design of the company as this model is now mainly made of glass and metal. It is a sleek, powerful, and solid device that delivers a great user . These Android Lollipop tips also work with Sedge and One M9. Given that last year we were seeing . Second have you gone into the settings under battery to see what is draining the battery the most? Was this update from MM to . If you like my video, check out these products!

It hardly gives you few hours on full charge? It was released when Samsung. This battery is non-removable, so the days of swapping batteries are over. Good evening, Need some help that might be pretty basic. We explain a simple trick that can solve this battery draining problem on Samsung S, Sincluding edge varients.

I purchased the battery pack for my Samsung Sbecause my battery life was horrible. This case has been a lifesaver on several occasions while traveling and being away from the house all day (especially when the kids want to watch movies). Number of times this product helps(ed) me: In the past month or so.

Unfortunately, many owners of those devices are now seeing issues with poor battery life. Here are some steps you can take to fix the problem. Update may have caused the issue. Leaving to work in the morning with battery , draining another during the commute, left with by the end of the day… Does this sound familiar? At least this is what I thought… Heavy users . Such impact is negligible compared to battery life span.

Amazon replaced it in couple of days! No need to carrying a separate powerbank and cable.

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