Ral 9006

RAL colors are used for information defining standard colors for varnish, powder coating and plastics. It is the most popular Central. Grey is perceived as long-lasting and classic. Grey also works well with flashy or colourful décor.

This colour is available in: Displaying products.

to get your price. Interpon 6is a series of polyester based powder coatings formulated without the use of TGIC. Designed for the exterior environment, Interpon 6offers excellent light and weather resistance from a single coat finish. Binder Type: TGIC-Polyester. Color: Aluminum or Silver.

Surface: Metallic or Metallic-Effect Smooth. Notes: OHnumb: SubA: SubB: SubC: SubD: SubE: SubF: imported: 0. Vårt standardsortiment inneholder de mest populære fargene, men har du behov for andre tykkelser eller farger – ta gjerne kontakt.

Download TDS Download SDS . Home Our products Catalog Online Technology Examples Contact. Projekt i wykonanie: MasterProject. High quality, colour matched paints. Cellulose, Pack and Base Coat available. We stock a wide range of painted plates in standard thickness between mm and mm.

Our standard range features the most popular paintings, but if you request another thickness or colours – you are welcome to contact us. The DPS F – 1V dipole flat-panel loudspeaker has been developed and optimised specifically for applications in the open-air with limited adjoining reflecting surfaces (such as ceilings). Fe Soft steel sheet body, with anti-corrosion treatment.

Lacado_AL Aluminium-grey coated body. Suspended luminaire with positions 0º or 180º. Tikkurila combines the traditions of paintmaking with the latest technological achievements and environmental awareness. The consistently high quality of products and services . Spydskinne til bruk på fast butikkinventar. Passer bla til Esso sitt inventar, men også andre.

Application: Pre-spray thin grip coat with the finishing coat following immediately. Alternatively, apply several thin spray coats.

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