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O ring calculator

The O – ring Groove Calculator enables you to specify an O – ring groove for any given O – ring or vice versa calculates the best suitable size O – ring for any given groove. ERIKS has developed an o – ring calculator to select and order the correct o-ring for any sealing problem. ERIKS offers different methods of interactive customer solutions, such as our unique O rings compression calculation tool.

Machined seals, Cylinder seals, Large Stocks. Take the guesswork out of seal design and material selection with our web- based Mobile inPHorm O – ring Calculator.

Designed to be quick and easy to use, the software will enable a user to calculate O – ring dimensions by simply entering installation specifications for an application. The program includes a sizing capability, recommendations on design parameters, and complete measurements. Free engineering assistance.

Premier customer service. Endless O – rings with a circular cross-section: O – rings are among the sealing classics par excellence. The of the calculation are evaluated with a color scheme. The target values are shown directly and need not be sought in tables – potential catalog rings, including their availability, are .

Engineer Assistance Material Selection Design. Fast-Expert-Quality-Service. Worldwide Inventory Network. The company also offers apps for ISO fits and tolerances as well as unit and hardness . O-Ring Calculator: this free-to-use,. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

Oring Basci Applciations. Seal Design Consdierations. The clearances must be held to an absolute . Please provide an inside diameter. Metric – Imperial Calculator by Seals Eastern, Inc.

ERIKS tool – O-ring Weight Calculator_grid O- ring Weight . The new app calculates O-Ring dimensions and . Equation for the leak rate of a gas through an O – ring seal can be approximated when the permeability of the gas through the particular elastomer is known for the temperature at which the seal must function. The most important enhancement is calculation of total compression . O – Ring Cord Cut Calculator.

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