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Winter is upon us, your gutters are full of leaves and muck, and your enthusiasm for climbing up and down a ladder all day with a bucket and wearing rubber gloves is not high. You need the Looj M3, a dedicated gutter cleaning gadget from the company that brought us the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, .

The handle of this remote-control gutter-cleaning robot . In the market for an automated gutter cleaning solution? Now you can stop climbing and repositioning the ladder multiple times. Today the company announced the third-generation model, the Looj 3, which has been completely re-tooled to add a four-stage auger, . Robots can vacuum our floors and mop our bathrooms, so why not clean out our gutters? The Looj 3Gutter Cleaning Robot features a high-velocity, four stage auger for improved debris management.

Looj will blast away leaves, dirt and clogs while brushing gutters clean. Just press the CLEAN button and Looj travels through your gutters, sensing and adapting to debris in order to provide the most effective.

The gutter-cleaning Looj 3has a better range and battery, while the 6series Roombas are designed to tangle hair less often. The latest addition to the Looj family, it offers an automatic Clean mode that automatically senses and adapts to leaves and debris, a 7. V lithium-ion battery, interchangeable auger flaps for better performance, a lower profile . According to iRobot execs, you simply place Looj in the gutter, hit Auto-Clean mode and the Looj . Welcome to the world of iRobot. Cleaning Robot, you join a growing group of people around the globe who, like you, are discovering an easier way to clean their gutters. The use of practical robots that help you in and around your home is a new reality. On the list of things we despise doing, cleaning the gutters barely beats out picking up feminine hygiene products for our lady friend.

Spending an afternoon moving a ladder around the house and pulling away leaves and gunk is not how we like to spend our free time. But there are houses where this is a returning problem every single year, and this is not as rare as some might think. This kit is the perfect upgrade to your Gutter Cleaning Robot, containing all your tools as well as a handy soft storage case for easy handling. Blast away leaves, dirt and clogs while brushing gutters clean. The remote control lets you drive the robot further along the gutter than previous generations.

At just under feet tall and feet wide, Looj 3propels itself through your gutters, under gutter straps and over . Looj propels through your gutters to remove sludge, debris and more, making gutter cleaning simple. Find it here with secure checkout and free shipping. Be the first to review this product.

Innovative Solution Takes the Danger out of Cleaning Rooftop Gutters.

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