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Liberon black bison voks

Black Bison Antikkvoks er utmerket til sluttbehandling og vedlikehold av møbler. LIBERON BLACK BISON FLYTENDE VOKS FARGELØS 5L. Voksen nærer og beskytter alle typer treverk.

Treverket er rent, kanskje beiset og forseglet med olje eller lakk. Nå skal det gis form og karakter.

Utmerket til vedlikehold av møbler og som . Carnubavoksen gir en slitesterk, blank overflate. Gjør slik: Forbehandle med . Discover all our paints and wood products. Find tips and advice for all your renovation works ( flooring, decoration, protection). It will protect your furniture from finger and water marks.

Møbelrenser og voksfjerner som renser treverket uten bruk av vann.

Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Nourishes and protects all types of woo including lacquers and French polishes. It is traditionally used on antiques but is also suitable for use on modern furniture and will enhance the natural beauty of wood while protecting it against dryness. Colored waxes are made with . Frequently Bought Together.

Fremhever treets naturlige farge og glø samtidig som den beskytter treet mot uttørring. Chestnut Cellulose Sanding Sealer – 500ml. Liberon Liming Wax – 250ml.

Brukes også til etterbehandling av. It has a distinctive, pleasant smell and is traditionally used on antiques. However, it can also be used on modern furniture. It enhances the natural beauty of the wood whilst also protecting it from drying out.

It helps cover marks and scratches and is ideal for small surfaces. A soft rich feeding wood finishing wax available in a wide variety of colours. Traditionally, this neutral toned wax is used on antiques, but it will also enhance the natural beauty of new wood while protecting it from drying . Reveals the beauty of your furniture.

Highly lustrous and hard wearing. Download Product Information Sheet.

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