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Kajal vs eyeliner

We clear up ALL your doubts! Know the pros and cons of Kajal, kohl and eyeliner and find the best one for yourself. Er det i det hele tatt noen forskjell?

Difference between kajal kohl and eyeliner and when to use. So we set things straight for you with the.

Well it depends on occasion , how you want to keep your look alive. Or else you can alter the loo. Eyes are the gift of Go and they allow us to see the world around us. But eyes can be used for aesthetic appeal also by applying various cosmetics. Both these products are . Raccoon eyes were a hallmark of my teenage style.

Sorta smush it off with water before bed and apply another looping ring in the morning.

I used to use pencils from the drugstore and even a little Maybelline Ultra Liner , which is still on the market. They are either usually mimicking the ancient formulation’s highly smudge-able texture and jet black effect or calling upon irritant-free ingredients that allow them to be used on the inner rim. You would be hard pressed to find an authentic kohl liner on the market that’s actually made from soot or has . The Good Housekeeping Research Institute is always buzzing with new interns who are pursuing various degrees and come from diverse cultural backgrounds. This semester one of our Beauty Lab interns, is Tayyaba Nasar, a senior and chemical engineering student at The City College of New York and a . Something that precedes all that is the basic OG eyeliner – otherwise known as Kohl or Kajal.

Kajal is how kohl eyeliner is known in . This eyeliner dates back to BC times, originating from South Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa. It was traditionally made from heavy metals (lead sulfite), galena or antimony. Due to the effects of heavy metals, modern kohl pencil is made from ingredients that are non-toxic such as resins, . En eyeliner eller kajal kan gjøre stor forskjell og gi deg et mer åpent og våkent blikk, men om du velger feil produkt eller feil teknikk, kan du ende opp med å se eldre ut enn du er.

Legger man en for tykk linje over og under øynene, i tillegg til for mørk farge, vil man fort se eldre ut, sier Mona Wergelan . Men det kan godt være at det bare er tilfeldig med de to merkene jeg har. Man får jo flytende eyliner også, og . Although concerns about its safety have been raise its use in pediatric age is very prevalent. Go easy on the eye makeup.

It makes you look pretty, but at what cost? Long lasting, waterproof kohl eyeliner with precious oils for an easy glide and suitable for the inner eye rim. Kohl is known by various names in South Asian languages, like surma in Punjabi and Urdu, kajal in Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati, kajal in Sanskrit, kajalh in Marathi, kanmashi in Malayalam, kaadige in Kannada, kaatuka in Telugu and kan mai in Tamil. In India, it is used by women as a type of eyeliner that is put around the .

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