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Itc310t programmable outlet thermostat

ITC -310TB is a dual-relay outlet thermostat with programmable timer function, which can be set to automatically control periods timer stage with different temperatures. The ITC -310TB is mainly used to control temperature during fermentation process of beer and wine brewing, also widely used in home brewing, . Single Mode (phase one time ) of Cycle . Well we have a solution for a perfect fermentation. This is in the description. Here is the video about how to set the ITC -30you can learn how it works and its function ,accuracy etc. Dual display window, be able to display measured temperature and set temperature at the same time.

Up to different programmable temps. ITC-306T: Heating output temperature controller(No Cooling Control) with time function specifically for breeding and planting. ITC-308: Dual relay allowing you to easily connect with refrigeration and heating equipment to realize ideal temperature control. Unavailable Information. ITC – 310T : Dual relay, programmable outlet thermostat , which can . If the probe temperature gets below the setpoint, the outlet is energized and the heater turns on.

You just have to set the thermostat on the aquarium heater very high to ensure it calls for heating . In addition, the humidifier and dehumidifier can be programmed separately, too. It can maintain the humidity between. Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland). Certificate: CE FCC ROHS.

Newcomdigi Lens Plant Hanger Macrame. Programmable , temperatures in periods of time . Temperature Resolution : 0. Thank you for visiting our ebay store! The plug and play principle remained: simply connect up the plugs, set the temperature and off you go. Features – programmable : . Inkbird IHC-2is a play -n-plug .

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