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Iphone 6 touch id not working after screen replacement

Now the touch ID does not work any more. I have read that if the home button flex cable is damage this can occur. The button itself is working just fine.

I know for a fact that the home button can not be replaced because then touc. Heres is solution for finger scan activation problem after screen changing.

Touch ID not working after screen replacement. My touch ID not working after IOS 10. Flere resultater fra discussions.

They replace the screen but after the replacement the TouchID stopped working. I already try DFU mode and restore but without success. Love you brother is working.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the procedure then something may go wrong.

Los home botom after market solo tienen una función regular no sirven para detectar la huella , para que funcione el detector de huella en el home botom se debe de usar el home botom. To resolve this problem , we offer tips in the post. Therefore, in order to avoid any such problem again, make sure your hands and screen are not having any kind of dampness or wetness while adding . Apply some BGA paste flux and solder the tins with soldering station. Scrape the coating off the wire on the reverse side. This is the point where ordinary people say “touch is not working after screen replacement on.

Touch id not working after screen replacement. I understand that if you replace the touch ID home button with a replacement the fingerprint scanner will no longer . If you are experiencing problems such as a fuzzy image or lines through your pictures, you may need to replace your lens instead of your camera. To fix this annoying error, replacing a basic accessory i-e USB cable . There are methods of fixing such problems.

If there is still a problem with the touch screen not working in a specific app after you have updated that app, you can also delete the app, and then reinstall the problematic app. Some people have received an Error even though their devices were never repaired or opened up. When you replace an original home button with a different one, iOS detects the hardware change.

Home Button inaccessible. Finger not registered properly.

Ensure you can hear calls out of the earpiece.

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