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Interior trends 2017

Floral designer to the stars (and by stars, we mean Beyoncé), Sarah Lineberger shows us why. By Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below.

Dreamy Rose Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas That Will Make You Swoon. Kitchen Trends That Are. The Top Home Decor Trends. Bufret Oversett denne siden 23. Of course, remember to . Patterned tiles are one of the strongest trends in interiors at present.

Adding some pattern can bring in personality and add some softness even in the most impersonal space, like sometimes bathrooms and kitchens can be. Just splurged on some marble and copper homewares? You may not want to read this. According to our stable of interior experts, these interior color trends are the MVPs so far this year.

Another year has approached and some great new trends are emerging! Travel always influences interiors trends , with this spring being no exception. While some interior designers like Nate Berkus famously steer clear of trends when decorating, we still love to report on trends like we would baseball scores— much to the fascination of industry insiders and homeowners alike.

But why are trends so fascinating to us? The seventies, outside furniture indoors and eco-friendly kitchens are the fashion -forward trends in UK homes across the country, according to Pinterest. The winners of the Best of Pinterest UK Interior Awards were announced on Tuesday and provided an insight into the way the most Instagram worthy . Earlier this month I went to a dinner with Houzz to talk about trends past and future.

So I have done a little separate research among bloggers and retailers to find out what they think will be hot and . Curated by Rachel Zoe and her team of editors and stylists, The Zoe Report is not only your stop for all things fashion and beauty but all-around lifestyle as well. Check out their site for everything from shopping tips to dating advice, to the latest in celebrity news. House Beautiful interviewed me a few weeks ago on my picks… let me know if you agree or disagree.

What would you say were the best and worst? I worked with a film crew to do videos for the fair which has become my new favorite thing to do! But of course, my focus was my booth and in presenting a decor8 . So, if you are curious, take a peek with us!

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