Golden teak oil

Special high- technology . See more product details . Star brite Premium Teak . Attwood Marine offers a broad range of boating and marine accessories. Get free shipping on all orders to any West Marine Store near you today.

Second was West Marine Products Gold Teak Oil Premium Blen which also retained its finish, but with a slightly different color. High-quality, quick-drying teak oil with UV filter. STAR BRITE PREMIUM GOLDEN TEAK OIL. Protects teak for an exceptionally long time and gives the wood a warm golden color. Product Safety: For this product the hazard pictograms and signal words shown above apply, as well as the following hazard statements: H22 . Amazon Golden teak oil preserves and beautifies teak, giving it a warm golden color.

Untreated teak wood can dry out, fade, and crack over time.

This on- flammable and environmentally-friendly, biodegradable product will prevent that from happening. Great for marine, decorative, and furniture applications. Sometimes teak oil can last a couple of months without a new coat depending on how many coats you have on.

It will strengthen and protect the wood and increase its natural . Fill out your contact information to request information on this product, or contact us at the number below. Try refreshing by clicking on the refresh icon. Refresh CAPTCHA Security . Before purchasing any teak oil it is very important to determine the preferred final color of teak. All are basically the same quality teak oil with color being the only difference.

Surrounds wood fibers deep below the. Gael Force – suppliers of the best and biggest choice of marine equipment chandlery in the UK. Recommended cleaner to prepare surface is Everwood All Wood Cleaner, shown below. Golden Teak Oil A penetrating and sealing oil that protects teak from within. This product contains pure chinese tung oil (from the fruit of the montana tree found in southern China) . The most popular teak oil used by boaters to preserve and beautify teak to a warm golden color.

Features: Extra long lasting protection for teak Gives teak a natural warm golden color Contains ultraviolet absorbers to resist weathering.

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