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B s1 d0 classification

Building authority designation. Additional re quirements. European classification of building products. Class E only has additional class d2.

Fire classification of structures: Fire resistance (fire compartmentation).

While the products are classified according . Floorings non-combustile materials. A2fl – scombustible materials – very limited contribution to fire. Standard grades of HPL will meet requirements for “areas of low flame spread” whilst F. They have relatively low smoke emission compared with other decorative surfacing materials.

Country National Classification. All classes other than E-d2 . Euro Airs textile materials (HDC and DFC-line) are certified and approved according to: The table below shows our main export countries standards and what test textile materials have passed.

In the US market products are tested and classified. TESTS TO DETERMINE REACTION TO FIRE. The following tests are conducted for the classification of building products (i.e. wood-based materials):.

Gustafs Ribs have, in accordance with the Euroclass system, achieved classification B – s, d0. As mentioned above, the classification system has additional and important information worth considering. The panels contribute little or insignificantly to the development of . The product, Vescom vinyl wall covering, mass approx. This classification is valid for the . The additional classification in relation to smoke production is: s1.

Definition, Combustible materials: Very limited contribution to fire. Construction Products, B – sd0. Materialer og produkters egenskaper ved brann. Byggverk skal prosjekteres og utføres slik at sannsynligheten for at brann skal oppstå, utvikle og spre seg er liten. Det skal tas hensyn til byggverkets bruk og nødvendig tid for rømning og redning.

The certificate was issued by Inspecta Finland (ACTA).

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